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  • Old School Networking

    at the Speed of Today

    SpeedFaces is a social networking tool using the latest in browser based video conferencing technology to simulate real world networking experiences.  No longer are groups and institutions restricted by the expense of time and money associated with real world events. Our platform is easy to use and does things other video conferencing tool can’t. SpeedFaces sets itself apart by enabling users to discover and build relationships like never before.

  • The Butterfly Effect

    One person is the difference.

    Hosting a Speedfaces event is simple & allows influencers to make strategic introductions and re-connections between those in their network in a fast fun way.   Engage your group members with each other and your brand, and help them extract value no online profile can. SpeedFaces helps you increase the lifetime value of your group’s members. Let SpeedFaces deliver an unparalleled experience highlighting the people that make your group extraordinary.

  • Unlock Opportunity

    Grow your network value.

    Pre-vetted events ensure one-on-one conversations in private virtual video conference rooms. Now it’s easier than ever to make new connections, and build relationships anywhere, anytime. SpeedFaces saves you time and money so you can get the most out of your network. Let our powerful matching algorithm and flexible event structures do all the work, so you can enjoy getting to know or reconnecting with people that matter most. Learn more here.